April 15, 2024
privacy search engines

There are many search engines, but few of them are interesting. After combing through the endless lists of the “best” and testing them myself, I created this list that contains only the search engines that I would recommend. Take a look at the list below, and you’ll see that there’s a lot to be gained by leaving Google.

duck duck go ad against google


DuckDuckGo is the best choice for those who want privacy without sacrificing simplicity and user-friendliness.

There are a ton of ways to try to keep your Internet activities private, but not all of them are practical or easy to use. If you switch to DuckDuckGo, you will find that it is an alternative search engine that offers an additional level of privacy without any friction. The home page and search results pages are immaculate and straightforward.

There are excellent privacy features, including blocking third-party ad network trackers, increasing encryption protection on websites you visit by default, not tracking searches, displaying a privacy level for the websites you visit, and more.


Bing is the only option to consider if you want a beautiful homepage, very relevant results, few ads, and a robust ecosystem that rivals Google’s.

One of Bing’s highlights, the home page, features a rotating selection of beautiful wallpapers from around the world, as well as non-intrusive news at the bottom. The search results offered by Bing are relevant, but they also provide suitable suggestions and links related to your query, much like Google does, and with very few ads compared to other search engines. Of course, you can log in with your Microsoft account, connect to a full suite of services like Outlook and Office, and even earn Microsoft Rewards points for your searches.


If you want a search engine that works, while putting the news that interests you first: Yahoo is the way to go.

Yahoo offers an experience you will remember from the good old days of the Internet, with the home page serving as a hub for news, weather, sports results, trends, and of course, a link to your Yahoo Mail account. Try it if you feel nostalgic and you might be pleasantly surprised.


Qwant is a European alternative to Google, whose business model is based on the protection of its users’ personal data and privacy.

With this search engine, everything is done to protect confidentiality and privacy best. Thus, cookies are not installed on the user’s browser. Qwant also does not keep any history and does not market any collected data. Qwant only uses data provided voluntarily and publicly by users.

The results are very relevant, and the suggestions are reliable. There is no advertising to interfere with your experience. Try it if you feel concerned about your privacy.